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Why did you start your own business?

Was it to be your own boss?

Was it to work on something you care about, rather than what someone else cares about?

Or... was it something bigger than that? Something bigger than just yourself?

Was it to make a difference?


Yeah. Me too.

Everyone and their grandmother is after a "lifestyle business" these days.

Don't get me wrong - I like money too. (You only need your card declined once during Sophomore year to avoid that feeling for the rest of your life.)

But what if you got into business to do more? What if you want to affect change?

Then I want to hear from you.

Not to get all "kindred spirits" on you, but I started consulting with the same starry-eyed goals in mind.

Like you, I wanted to do something that mattered. Something I could be proud of. Something I'd tell my grandkids about to inspire them.

Something to prove that business isn't about sleazy sales tactics and high-pressure manipulation. (Although, Wolf of Wall Street is still a great movie.)

That's why I work with clients who have built their business around ethical products.

Not just "not terrible". Not even just "awesome". But good. A product that does good.

I pride myself on using ethical business practices and I want to work with clients who do the same. Then, from our partnership, we can create...


Powerful marketing to CREATE social good.


Sound like something you can relate to? Check out the services in more detail to see if we're a good fit.