Book my day… and let’s make it rain, baby, rain

You need copy yesterday, and I’ve got a calendar that’s fully booked out.

Don’t worry. I’ve got just the thing…


A Full-Day of Copy Chops.
At Your Service.


The booked day works like this:

  1. We jump on a 30-min call to work through everything I need from you to write the copy you need for more conversions.

  2. Then I spend the following day:

    1. Researching (your product, customers, competitors - those things I need to do the job right)

    2. Writing (it’s what I do best)

    3. Optimizing (until we’ve got something truly special)

  3. Then we have a 15-min call to go over your brand-new, professionally-engineered, conversion copy.


If you’re asking: “So, Katie, what can you get done in a day exactly?”

I won’t make any far-fetched promises (as in, it won’t be your whole site) but if you want to hear more detail, let’s have a 15-minute chat about what I can do for you in a day.


Book Your 30-min kickoff call here.
And let’s get this thing started.