Beryl Naturals Case Study

How to Grow an Email List From Zero to 1,643 subscribers in Less than 30 days


Beryl Naturals had been growing their Instagram following for months, but with 21 days until launch they needed a fast way to build their email list from scratch.

Leveraging their following, we set about building an email-driven conversion funnel to turn followers into customers.


List-Building Strategy

To build an email list, we used three essential components:

  • prominent sign ups with conversion copywriting
  • a lead magnet that our ideal customer couldn't refuse
  • promotional posts that grew both our email list & social media

In 22 days, the list grew from 0 to 1,643 subscribers.


Conversion Copy

Each piece of the funnel needed to perform.

The email opt-ins, the welcome series, the abandoned cart series, the product descriptions & website copy.

To get Instagram followers to become loyal customers, you need to start with conversion-optimized writing.

The welcome series alone added 7.78% to total revenue.

threed_mockup (5) copy.png

Technical + Design

With over 56% of web traffic on mobile and 6 major email clients rendering designs differently, responsive design has never been more important and more difficult to achieve.


Successful delivery to 99.5% of all subscribers.

Katie really excels in writing copy. Overall, it has been an absolute joy working with her.
— Deepthi Satti, CEO

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