I’ve tested and refined the following 3 services over time, so one of these should be a great fit for what you need. (But if you want to talk through different options or custom engagements, reach out so we can chat.)


Already got copy? But not hearing that ka-ching? Meet your new best friend…

The Copy Fix

The Copy Fix.png

If you’re losing money on copy that’s underperforming, you need changes. And fast.

It takes 4 weeks to get on my calendar and my project minimum is $6,000. With the Copy Fix, you can get on my calendar instantly, at a fraction of the price. And get recommended copy in 3 business days — flat.

This in-depth review currently costs $497.*

We implemented Katie’s suggestions, and conversions went up... THE NEXT DAY.
— Eugene Naruta, Miss Venera

Not making as much money from email as you could be? Introducing…


If email makes up less than 20% of your monthly revenue, you’ve built a company that’s losing money. Every. Single. Month.

The good news? With an expert by your side, we can fix this problem.

Enter... the Email Intensive.

Your email marketing upgraded — in 24 hours.

Note: this is a real client, not a paid actor. (And yes, we really are laughing about a spreadsheet.)

Note: this is a real client, not a paid actor. (And yes, we really are laughing about a spreadsheet.)

I’ll dive into your email marketing data, find your best opportunity to drive more revenue, then write & wireframe those emails so they’re built for conversions.

You’ll start making more money from email ASAP. (We’ll leave bloated agency timelines and endless meetings and rounds of revisions behind us.)

Instead, we’ll use your inside knowledge of your business and my years of email marketing & conversion experience to get your email marketing — sorted.

This intensive engagement is currently $1,997.*

Only 4 slots available per month.


Is your messaging holding you back? Look no further.

The Conversion Messaging Playbook

In ecommerce, competition is vast.

The virtual shelves of Amazon and Google are stuffed to the gills with product after product much cheaper than yours. You need to say just the right thing at just the right time, so your prospects know you’re worth your higher prices.

It’s only a matter of time (one second, maybe two) before they open another tab to search “cheap + [your product here]”.

They won’t know how much better your product is — unless we show them. But... how do we do that?

By using your customer’s own language to convert them.

There are plenty of brand messaging agencies out there. And they will help you come up with some pithy lines.

But by diving deep into your voice-of-customer data, we’ll graduate from pithy and clever to insightful and data-backed and build your brand’s custom Conversion Messaging Playbook.

If this sounds like what you need, hit the big red button right below this sentence. (You can’t miss it.)

Custom projects start at $6,000.* (And all custom projects start with building your brand’s Conversion Messaging Playbook.)


Not sure what you need?

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