If you woke up one morning and your back really hurt…

Who would you consult for advice on how to heal?

Would it be a surgeon? An oncologist? An endocrinologist? Or some other specialist?

No, of course not. You’d go to a general practitioner first.

When you go to the doctor, it’s second nature to get a diagnosis from a generalist before you’d ever seek the advice of a specialist.

Because specialists can be good at one thing… but they only know that one thing.

The surgeon would recommend surgery. The oncologist would look for tumors. The endocrinologist would take a blood sample to see what vitamin deficiencies might be causing you pain.

This sounds silly… but we do this all the time in business.

We seek the consult of so-called “experts” who are more than ready to recommend their solution as the way to get more cash. I already have a guess what that SEO guru or Facebook Ads manager is going to recommend you do…

(And, with something as important as your back, you definitely wouldn’t trust just a diagnosis from Web MD. Getting more revenue into your business is almost as important… so why look to a blog post for the answers?)

That’s why I offer all potential clients a 15-Minute Tune Up first. From that 15-minute crash consult, I’ll look at your business holistically to identify:

The #1 Opportunity For Growth In Your Business

Whether that’s paid advertising, your brand’s positioning, or your product assortment.

Based on my years of experience in ecommerce… copywriting, conversion consulting, growth marketing, strategy, and inventory management. I’ve seen it all.

And I can tell pretty quickly where the biggest opportunity for growth is in your business.

Even if you and I aren’t the right fit, I’ve got a network of all kinds of ecommerce professionals who I can recommend to you for help.

No matter what, you’ll end the call with a clearer picture of what the biggest opportunity for growth is in your business.

You’ll know exactly what needs to happen next.


What are you waiting for?