If you woke up one morning and your back really hurt…

Who would you consult for advice on how to heal?

Would it be a surgeon? An oncologist? Or some other specialist? No, of course not.

You’d see a general practitioner.

When you go to the doctor, it’s second nature to get a diagnosis from a generalist before you’d ever seek the advice of a specialist.

But… we do this all the time in business.

We consult “experts” who recommend their solution as the way to get more cash.

That’s why I offer all potential clients a 15-Minute Tune Up first. From that 15-minute crash consult, I’ll look at your business holistically to identify:

The #1 Opportunity For Growth In Your Business

Based on my years of experience in ecommerce… copywriting, conversion consulting, growth marketing, strategy, and inventory management. I’ve seen it all.

No matter what, you’ll end the call with a clearer picture of what the biggest opportunity for growth is in your business.


What are you waiting for?

Wow... calling Katie a “skilled” copywriter would be an understatement. She pairs a rigorous knowledge of theory with detailed, beautiful execution. That’s a rare bird in my experience.
— Amy Posner, AmyPosner.com
As soon as we implemented Katie’s suggestions, we saw an increase in conversions... THE NEXT DAY.
— Eugene Naruta, MissVenera.com
Katie has a relentless need to learn and understand - and her expertise in email marketing and copy reflect that. Trust Katie to solve your problems. She’s got the innate character, skill set, and know-how to level up your sales.
— Nikki Elbaz, NikkiElbaz.com